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palabras mayores provides real subtitles rather than just pasting text on a video

In spite of this, subtitling is frankly underestimated. Poor subtitles can ruin the best audiovisual production for different reasons, such as ambiguous, inaccurate or simply incomprehensible sentences, texts not properly synchronised with the images or messages that disappear from the screen before the average viewer has had the time to read them.

palabras mayores does not just paste literal translations of the audio but creates subtitles that take into account several factors:

  • adequate compression that always keeps the essence of the audio. Compression is essential since the text on screen must be around 30% shorter than the original audio text in order to provide comfortable reading
  • proper spotting, which involves a careful selection of the spots in which subtitles appear and disappear from the screen
  • careful attention to tone, style, and degree of formality in the original text

our experience:

palabras mayores has been collaborating for years with the MECAL Short and Animation Film Festival (Barcelona)