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at palabras mayores we translate only what we are best at

It is rather difficult to be proficient in every translation area. Translating a user guide, a birth certificate, a novel, an article for a newspaper or an article of law requires very different approaches. At palabras mayores we prefer to stick to the fields we are accredited for, or those in which we have proven experience. Even though we might accept different kinds of assignments, we focus on the following areas:

  • literary translation [Dutch⇒ Spanish]: accredited by the Dutch Foundation for Literature (Letterenfonds).

Participant on the first edition of the European project CELA (Connecting European Literary Artists) which empowers emerging writers, translators and literary professionals across Europe

our experience:

non fiction

Sindicalismo LGBT: experiencias y perspectivas [English⇒ Spanish] – Autobiography by Michiel Odijk, published in 2014 by the Dutch union FNV-AbvaKabo


Cuentos de las Tierras Bajas [Dutch⇒ Spanish] (short story compilation) – Translation of El Erebo, by Jan Jacob Slauerhoff. Published in 2016 by Universidad de los Andes (Colombia)

  • sworn translation [Dutch⇒ Spanish]: recognised by the Official Register of Sworn Translators of the Netherlands (Rbtv)
  • technical translation [Dutch⇒ Spanish, English⇒ Spanish]: wide experience in different ICT areas